For far too long we've overlooked the freezer section, treating it as a place of compromise rather than a place meant to make our lives easier. Let’s debunk the stereotypes and get you on board with the advantages of loving your freezer.

Myth #1: Fresh food is healthier than frozen food
Most people assume that fresh is always best, and frozen produce is strictly for convenience's sake. But turns out, freezing produce actually helps to retain vitamins and minerals that would otherwise be lost if stored at room temperature or in the fridge.

When you compare fresh fruits and vegetables to their frozen counterparts, studies have shown that frozen foods are actually more nutrient-dense after a certain amount of time. Frozen foods are harvested at peak ripeness before being frozen, which means they are packed with healthy vitamins and minerals, like vitamins A and C, and folate. Fresh foods, on the other hand, loose nutrients the longer they sit out after being picked, and stop being able to compete with frozen fruits and veggies in three to five days’ time.

Myth #2: All frozen foods are highly processed
Though this was once the norm for frozen food, today's freezer foods are packed with healthier options, made with fewer ingredients and more wholesome overall.

Myth #3: Frozen foods contain added preservatives
Freezing is a natural form of preservation, so added preservatives aren't necessary to preserve frozen food. Many ready-made meals (like ours!) are free of additives and preservatives all together.

Myth #4: Frozen meals are not as tasty as fresh meals
Unfortunately, this myth really depends on who’s cooking (obviously when it's Chef Shary you have nothing to worry about)! All things being equal though, you can make some delicious and nutritious meals using frozen foods.

Myth #5: Frozen food is more expensive
Is a potato cheaper than a package of frozen French fries? Most likely. Obviously there is a markup for the prep and freezing process. But frozen food and ready-made meals can be a budget-savvy way to eat healthy dishes or quick dinners for less. Packaged frozen meals are often much healthier and much cheaper than take or delivery.

So there you have it... Save yourself the pounds and the calories and buy MPK meals today!

March 03, 2023