This year we are supporting WRAP's Food Waste Action Week, which is running from Monday 6th – Sunday 12th March.

This takes 15 mins at most to prepare. I took some tagliatelle my brother had bought me for Xmas, leftover Mirza Ghasemi and an egg yolk to make this delicious delight.

• Mirza Ghasemi
• Pasta
• Egg yolk
• Butter
• Parmesan

To make:
1) Cook your pasta in salted water
2) Once cooked strain the water but leave a little in for the sauce
3) Add in your leftover Mirza Ghasemi, a little butter and stir through on the heat
4) Remove from the heat and stir in egg yolk
5) Plate up and serve with parmesan

And there you have it! A completely new dish made with leftover Persian dip. For more recipes and tips see our dedicated blog post here.

See the video guide here:


March 06, 2023