Like many people, I latched on to the air fryer craze. I got mine for Christmas and went with the 9 in 1 ​Ninja ​Foodi and I LOVE IT​ and ​I’ve experimented so much more with food since getting it. This​ recipe is a result of that!

If you’re more organised than I am and know that you are having this for dinner in the morning, if possible make the marinade early and let the chicken soak up all the flavours in the fridge for the day. Saying that, I made this whole dinner in less than 30 mins and it still tastes delicious!


Marinated Chicken:
• 1 tsp of all spice
• 1 tsp of Cinnamon
• 1 tsp of coriander
• 1 tsp of nutmeg
• 1 tsp cumin
• 1 tsp ground cloves
• 1​ ​tsp ​ground ​saffron
• 3​ tbsp of Greek yoghurt
• 8 boneless and skinless chicken thighs
• Drizzle of oil

​C​ouscous ​S​alad:
• 200g dried cous cous
• Half a cucumber
• 3 large tomatoes
• Half a pomegranate
• A bunch of parsley
• A bunch of mint
• Juice of a Lime
• Drizzle of oil
• Flatbread to serve

​1) ​Start by mixing your yoghurt and all of your dried spices together in a big bowl. ​2) ​Add your chicken and ensure it’s all coated.
​3) ​Drizzle some oil over the coated chicken and pop into the crisping basket of the air fryer​ – ​I cooked 8 pieces on 200degrees for 25 minutes. I like to set my timer for half the time so can turn the chicken and give the basket a good shake, ensuring all of the chicken gets crispy.
​4) ​Whilst your chicken is cooking, prepare the couscous by poring 250ml of boiling over it in a bowl and popping a ​lid or ​plate on top for it to ​steam.
​5) ​Chop your cucumber, tomatoes and herbs up quite finely​ ​and p​op​ out the juicy red pomegranates seeds from the bulb.
​6) ​Once the couscous is cooked,​ drizzle​ some oil ​and mix it through it to ensure no lumps. 
7) ​Combine the couscous​, veggies and herbs in ​y​our chosen serving bowl and squeeze ​some​ lime over the top.
​8) ​Remove the chicken from the air fryer ​and ​ensure it​ i​s fully cooked​ - ​it should have a few ‘burnt’ edges and be that beautiful saffron colour which will be full of flavour! Prepare in a serving bowl and place on the table.
​9) ​​like to have​ flat bread with this meal​,​ but it’s great on its own too​... ​or perhaps if serving a larger amount of people some tzatziki would go well too!


​Recipe created by Guest Writer: Vanessa Crasner 

March 20, 2023