Join us as we take you on a journey into Nowruz - Persian New Year. Here we show you our typical Nowruz family gathering and explain some of the food you may expect to see at new year feats.

Because Persians are avid foodies
There's one way you are viewed
It isn't home or garden
It's the quality of your food!

A meal without Sabzi Polo
Would be a total fail
And a lack of Mahi Sefid
Would be beyond the pale

And then there's Sir Torshi
It really is a must
And if you don't serve some Tahdig
You won't see your guests for dust!

And these are just a few of them
Dishes for you to choose
At your amazing celebration
The tradition of Nowruz.

Nooshe Jan!

Ode by Shirl Robinson aka Auntie Shirl. Read by Debbie Jahangiry.

Eidetan Mubarak
عیده نوروزتان مبارک

View our video ode here:


March 20, 2022