Tahdig - If you know you know. The crispy bit, the bottom of the pot, the bit we all fight over... arguably one of the BEST parts of Persian food. Therefore it's important to pass this down through the generations. Here's a simple guide to creating Tahdig with kids.


• Basmati Rice
• Saffron Water
• A dash of lemon juice (optional)
• Vegetable oil
• Salt to season

To make:
1) Weigh out 500g of rice and pour into a bowl
2) Wash the rice in a bowl several times to remove any starch
3) Once the rice is clean soak it in cold water and leave for 15 - 30 mins
4) Fill a pan with around 2 liters of water, add salt and bring to the boil
5) Drain the rice and then add to the pan of boiling water, add a few drops of veg oil to the pan also and cook on medium heat
6) Top tip, add a few drops of lemon to make the rice extra white
7) After around 10 - 15 min / once the rice is al dente, carefully drain over the sink in a colander and gently rinse under cold water
8) Coat the pan with vegetable oil and a splash of saffron water
9) Put the rice back into the pan and use the end of a wooden spoon to dot some holes into it
10) Cover the pan lid with a tea towel
11) A a few knobs of butter, a splash of water and cook on medium heat with the lid on until it starts steaming
12) Once steamed, reduce the heat to low and cook for a further 30 - 35 mins
13) When cooked fill the sink with cold water and plunge the pan into the water to release the rice from the sides
14) Allow to cool for a few minutes, remove the lid and then get a flat dish and place on top of the pan
15) Carefully turn the pan upside down onto the plate using gloves
16) Tah dah... you will hopefully have the perfect crispy bottom of the pan

Watch Lily flip her first tahdig here: 


February 03, 2023