About us

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Our family is at the heart of our company

As a family, food has always played a big role in our lives. In 2019 we came together to create a company that was a fusion of our passion for food and the industry skills we had between us.

With a drive to make mealtimes healthier and allow Persian food to be accessible to as many homes as possible, we created Modern Persian Kitchen, a Persian food service delivering nationwide.

Shary Jahangiry

Shary has over 30 years of experience in award winning and established kitchens worldwide. Working with renowned chef’s such as Raymond Blanc, Antonio Mancini, Steven Nash, Shary has gained experience in various kitchens and different cuisines. From directing and leading several 5-star restaurants in Saudi Arabia, to working at Le Manoir, going on to be Senior Sous Chef at Le Petit Blanc Brasserie, Shary has used all this knowledge to lead him to his true passion; food from his heritage.

Debbie Jahangiry

With a background in sales and management, Debbie handles the day-to-day liaison with suppliers and customers to ensure our business runs smoothly. She spends a lot of her time sourcing eco-friendly packaging, something our customers tell us is important to them.

Debbie has also created our Baked by Maman offering – our range of deliciously indulgent gifting line of Persian inspired brownies and bakes.

Natalie Jahangiry

Natalie has 15 years of experience in design, previously working in advertising in London. She now owns acclaimed stationery and graphic design company Nat’s Paper Studio alongside creative and day to day running of Modern Persian Kitchen. Using these skills she has created everything you see, from food packaging to the website, product photography to menu design, brand booklets, social media creative, supper club tablescapes and all other design materials.

Our Food

As a family we are so proud of our heritage, but we're also a little adventurous. This means that some of our food may not be the traditional Persian dishes you've tried before, but instead we've put our own spin on them over the generations. As a result, we've created a kitchen that brings together Shary’s experience as an award-winning chef, the delicious flavours and heart of Persian food, and our much loved family recipes.

Your families wellbeing is at the core of what we do

We’ve developed a menu that ensures our food is not only delicious, but makes meal times healthier.

Shary has used his experience in the healthy food market to develop a menu that not only tastes great, but avoids some of the traditional cooking methods, minimising the use of frying fats and gluten, to create a more balanced meal without compromising on flavour. What’s more, most of our dishes are dairy free, gluten free, low in fat, salts and refined sugar.