Why Frozen?

Here are four BIG reasons we're advocates of the fresh-frozen method.

1) Freezing food from fresh locks in flavour and nutrients, which means we don’t need to introduce any preservatives or additives to our dishes.

2) Delivering frozen food means you’ll always have home-cooked, comforting and nutritious meals ready to heat up and eat in an instant. What’s more, you can store our dishes for months in your freezer.

3) Food waste is a huge problem. According to a 2019 Which? article, the majority of food waste in the UK comes from households as opposed to restaurants, hotels and businesses, including supermarkets: of the 10.2m tonnes of food wasted, 7.1m tonnes is from households. What’s most concerning is that 5m tonnes of this is edible and equates to £15bn of food each year. This works out as £70 a month or £840 a year for a family of four. We tackle food waste by freezing our food. Better for your pockets, better for our planet.

4) Our dishes are packaged and frozen at their peak freshness, meaning you always get the best quality possible.