Join us as we take you on a journey into Nowruz - Persian New Year. Here we give you a short poem explaining the preparation of Haft Seen table.

To be a paid-up Persian
You follow your tradition
You put in lots of time and thought
It is no imposition

Nowruz welcomes in the spring
New growth and plants appear
A time to celebrate with friends
And others who are dear

For many many many years
It's been a time of celebration
Of cleaning and of tidying up
And with food as the foundation

The word "Nowruz" means "new day"
To welcome a new season
An excuse to have family meal, for which
No Persian needs a reason!

But at the centre of the feast
Are seven items beginning with "S"
Laid out on the Haft-Sin table
A symbolic message they each express

There's Sabzeh, Somagh and Senjed
Then Sib, Seer and Serkeh
And we must not forget Sonbol
All part of the display

It turns out there are other things
To celebrate the day
Goldfish, eggs a mirror and coins
Can also be on display

Each item has a special role
To help a Persian celebrate
But what they really want to know
Is..... what's going on my plate!

Ode by Shirl Robinson aka Auntie Shirl. Read by Debbie Jahangiry.

Eidetan Mubarak
عیده نوروزتان مبارک

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March 20, 2022