As part of the Cook For Iran initiative, together with Saffron and Herbs we are here to ask you to join us to raise awareness for the Iranian people’s quest for human rights and a better future. This movement hopes to draw attention to the human rights issues in Iran through culture, food and community.

There are a number of ways you can join us:
• Cook an Iranian or Iranian-style dish using recipes from cookbooks or free online recipes
• Have a gathering with Persian food... And if you’re not a pro-chef, we can help
• Dine at an Iranian restaurant
• Invite friends and family round for an Iranian dinner party
• Buy or bake Iranian or Iranian-inspired sweet treats and have an afternoon tea party
• Host a cocktail night with a nod to the flavours we Iranians love such as pomegranate, cherries or dried lime in your beverage of choice

Don't forget to take lots of pictures tagging @modernpersiankitchen @saffron_and_herbs and @cookforiran in your contributions for the Cook for Iran initiative.

The key objective is to keep the dialogue going with family, friends and colleagues about Iran. There are petitions available to sign to draw International focus to the issues. By keeping the dialogue open, it helps us to keep up with the events in Iran and to help amplify the voices of the Iranian people.

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What is Cook For Iran?
A global advocacy initiative to raise awareness of the Iranian people’s call for human rights and freedom. The initiative uses food to amplify the voices of those inside Iran who have been protesting for their human rights.

Yotam Ottolenghi, Nasim Alikhani, Najmieh Batmanglij, Marcus Samuelsson, Nilou Motamed and Shally Zomorodi are just some of the leading chefs and food personalities from across the world supporting #CookForIran. They will be using their restaurants, recipes, and platforms to raise awareness of the Iranian people’s call for human rights and freedom.

As part of the campaign, restaurateurs, chefs, bakers, café owners and food bloggers from around the world are invited to take part in #CookForIran by sharing Iranian recipes, putting an ‘Iranian inspired twist’ on one of their favourite signature dishes, creating a new dish, or showing support via social media platforms.

#CookForIran is primarily a campaign focused on maintaining attention on the human rights issues in Iran. Similar to #CookForSyria and #CookForUkraine, this campaign is built around culture, food and community – raising awareness and keeping the movement alive while Iranians find a path forward.

Iranian cuisine (Iran is modern-day Persia and the food and culture is also called Persian) is one of the oldest in the world and reflects the country’s rich cultural heritage with influences from across the Middle East and beyond.

“Our goal is to keep the movement alive while the Iranian people and the community find a solution... Through cooking, sharing recipes and the power of social media, we invite everyone to help keep attention on Iran as the country goes through this period of change toward a free future.” #CookForIran Team

Zan Zendagi Azadi.

Thank you, Team MPK x

November 08, 2022