Since the death of the 22-year-old Mahsa Amini daily protests in Iran have taken place. Mahsa died in custody after being detained by Iran’s ‘morality police’ after being beaten for wearing her hijab (head scarf) improperly. In the weeks since her death, thousands around the world march in support of the Iranian people to protest against the country’s oppressive laws. The women led movement, with the call to action #womenlifefreedom are calling for an end to the Islamic Republic after they were put in place in 1979. The government have cut internet connection to try and stop coverage from the inside, but people from around the world have come together to create a movement via sociable media and be the voice of the people of Iran.


The date is October 2nd 2022 - I stand here today seeing history being made... I am proud, so so proud.

I have always known the strength of Iranian women, after 45 years of loving and embracing the motherland of my husbands Persian family I know how beautiful and powerful the women of this country are. I think, after these 45 years wonderful years, I’m entitled today to have my voice for them.

I’ve never felt prouder than to be able to march and show my heart felt support for the current movement happening in Iran. I am honoured to stand beside these people, their strength is incredible. This fight is for ALL women, for the freedom to choose their own journey in life. The courage of the women in Iran at the moment embodies everything that is right in this world and by standing up for their freedom, the men in their lives stand with them too.

This is for my children, their children and my wonderful Persian family - some of which very sadly never got to see this day.

So for the women of Iran my daughter wears her Rebellious Hope t-shirt, while cuddling her beautiful baby girl. This t-shirt was designed by Bowel Babe, who recently died of cancer and for a totally different rebellious hope, but I know she would approve greatly of her wearing it to support such a monumental cause! We have rebellious hope, we have too. Rebelling against atrocities and hoping for a future that is free. Where women can let their hair blow in the wind, enjoy education without boundaries, dance in the streets, kiss without shame, love endlessly, wear what they want, be what they want, who they want.

We cannot just sit by and do nothing, we need to show the world that the unbelievably brave people, who have died so barbarically, have not done so in vain.

Mummy Azami (my Mother in Law / Shary’s Mum, who sadly isn’t with us anymore), would have been the first in line to throw her headscarf off and dance in the streets to her favourite song. She was fiercely proud of the country she had to leave. She spent the rest of her life sharing her wonderful memories, but that’s all they could ever be, distant memories. She was a great believer in individual choice and she embraced everything and everyone with love and compassion.

So with rebellious hope I stand with my hand on my heart, as a woman, a daughter, a mother, a grandmother, a sister in law and an auntie and ask you to stand with me too.

A life of freedom is a basic human right and I ask you all to hear their voices and amplify them while they can’t.

At 9pm each evening (around 6.30pm in the UK) Baraye by Shervin Hajipour is played by the people of Iran. This song has become the anthem for freedom and has been banned by the government while Shervin has been arrested. You will be listening with the rest of the world, including those incredibly brave Iranian people.

Please stand with us, please stand with Iran.

Thank you so much, Debbie x

October 03, 2022