Make "Pink Dippy" with us – a cross between Whipped Feta Dip and Borani Laboo (beetroot yoghurt dip).

• Garlic
• Cooked beetroot
• Thick Greek Yoghurt
• Feta
• Walnuts
• Mint

To make:
1) Roast garlic and beetroot in the oven on 180°c for 25 to 30 mins – you can use raw garlic and cooked beetroot as it comes, but as I'm making this for Lily I roasted them to take the edge off as it's quite a strong (but delicious) taste otherwise
2) Meanwhile whip feta in a blender with a squeeze of lemon and a good dollop of yoghurt – I used normal Greek Yoghurt, but admittedly this would have worked better with velvety thick Greek Yoghurt or Labneh
3) Once cooled squeeze out the roast garlic and chop the beetroot
4) Add to the blender and whizz again
5) Season to taste
6) Top with walnuts, mint (fresh or dry) and oil

Perfect with some Pita Bread to dunk in.

 Watch video guide here:


March 02, 2023