Come cook Kookoo Sibzamini (Persian Potato Patties) with us for Cook For Iran. Chef Shary's patties have walnut, zereshk and saffron stuffing and are a classic small bite in Iran.

• 1kg potatoes
• 2 eggs
• A bunch of spring onions
• 70g walnuts
• 30g zereshk
• 10ml saffron
• 60g plain flour or Chickpea flour
• 200ml vegetable oil
• Salt and pepper
• 200g breadcrumbs or cornmeal

To make:
1) Clean and wash potatoes then boil in salted water until soft
2) Strain potatoes and wash under cold water
3) Once slightly cooled remove potato skins, grate then set aside
4) Wash barberries and strain
5) Break the walnuts into small pieces
6) Chop the spring onions and fry with 20ml (1 tbsp) of oil for a couple of minutes on low heat
7) Lightly whisk the eggs
8) Add flour, a sprinkle of salt and pepper, whisked eggs and sautéed spring onions to the grated potatoes - mix everything together and cool in the fridge for 15 minutes
9) Meanwhile sauté the walnuts and barberries in 1/2 tbsp oil for a minute and add the saffron water then set aside
10) Take a scoop of the potato mix and make into a round patty
11) Put some of the walnut and barberry mix in the centre of the patty
12) Make a ball to completely cover the filling, then flatten the patty again
13) Coat each patty in breadcrumbs or cornmeal and fry on medium low heat on each side for a few minutes till golden colour
Serve hot and enjoy!

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November 17, 2022