Watermelon with feta is very popular in Persian households and is super easy to make. It may sound like an unusual mix, however it gives a sweet and salty flavour and is the perfect addition to feasts on a sunny day.

Making this watermelon salad couldn’t be easier, the most time consuming part is cutting the watermelon!

Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: N/A
Course: Sald

• Watermelon
• Cucumber
• Feta
• Lemon juice
• Mint

To make:
1) Cut the watermelon into small cubes
2) Dice cucumbers and add them both to the serving dish
3) Crumble over some feta
4) Add a little mint
5) Dress with lemon juice and black pepper.

And that's it! Nooshe Jan.

May 18, 2022